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Leasing a Home
Moving In

Buying a home is an exciting life moment, but the process can be challenging at times.   Choosing a Realtor that can help guide you through this experience and the home-buying process is essential in helping you find the perfect home.  There is more to it than just finding a home.  


Here’s how we can help:


  • Compile a list of properties that fit your criteria.

  • Schedule Showings

  • Write up offers, along with all necessary addendums and riders.  We ensure that our clients are protected in the event they do not want to move forward with a purchase.

  • Aggressive with negotiations.  We negotiate as if we were a principal in the deal.

  • Communication is a must.  We answer/ return all phone calls, texts, and emails promptly.  We DO NOT disappear after a contract is in place.

  • Assist clients with the financing process.  We have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with banks and lending institutions. 

  • Assist clients with the HOA/Condo Board approval.  Most communities will require applications, background checks, and interviews/ orientations.  We make sure these go smoothly and follow up with the association regarding approval.

  • Setup inspections.  Savannahs Realty Group has been heavily involved with residential construction and we personally attend all inspections looking for “red flags” and items that their clients need to be aware of.

  • Re-negotiate. Re-negotiate the contract after the results of the inspection.  

  • Work closely with the closing agent to make sure all necessary documents are being completed prior to closing.

  • Carefully review closing documents with clients.  We make clients understand everything they are signing, and review for clerical errors.

  • We DO NOT charge a “Brokerage Fee” at closing.  Already saved you $300-400.


If you are in the market for a new home,

please feel to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.



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